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Support for innovation in enterprises

Project is undertaken within Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, priority axis III "Support for innovation in enterprises", Measure 3.3. "Support for the promotion and internationalization of innovative enterprises", Sub-measure 3.3.1. "Polish Tech Bridges".

As part of the project, Applicant plans to take part in trade fair - in South Korea (Korea BUILD 2020) - and to carry out promotional and informational activities. Additionaly, Applicant plans to purchase of consultancy services regarding packaging design, catalog design and technical product descriptions, logotype and product brand design.

The aim of the project

Introduction of the Pixel Garden system used for the construction of vertical gardens on the Korean market.

Planned effectsy:

  • signing of a commercial contract
  • increase in revenues from export activity
  • increase the company's competitiveness on the South Korea market, increase product and brand recognition on the South Korea market
  • better match to market needs
  • increase in the intensity of product distribution
  • recognition of Garden Spot brand and Garden Spot products on foreign market
  • build the company's product position
  • understand the conditions prevailing on the export market

Project value

200 000,00 zł

The UE co-financing

200 000,00 zł

Zapytanie ofertowe 1/2020 (dokumenty do pobrania)

Zapytanie ofertowe 2/2020 (dokumenty do pobrania)

Zapytanie ofertowe 3/2020 (dokumenty do pobrania)

Zapytanie ofertowe 4/2021 (dokumenty do pobrania)


Foreign expansion into Eastern Europe and the Middle East


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