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Foreign expansion into Eastern Europe and the Middle East

This projects involves the promotion of the construction and finishing industry and the promotion of Garden Spot products in the Middle East and Ukraine market. As a part of the project, Applicant plans to participate in 5 trade fairs - in Saudi Arabia (The Big 5 Saudi - 2020), Dubai (The Big 5 - 2020), Turkey (Yapi – Turkeybuild Istanbul - 2020), Poland (Budma - 2020) and Ukraine (InnterBuild EXPO - 2020), to of which will host a national information stand.

Additionaly, Applicant plans to take part in two individual trips – one to UAE and one to Saudi Arabia Exhibitions and presentations of our products as well as information and promotion activities will be prioritised. During the mission, we also intend to establish cooperation relations with plant suppliers and companies that will be interested in distributing, assembling and installing products. The project will promote the Polish Economy Brand.

Project is undertaken within sub-measure 3.3.3. Support for Small and Medium Enterprisesand promotion of product brands – GO TO BRAND Smart Growth Operational Programme co-financed from the European Regional Development Found.

The aim of the project

Expansion of Garden Spot export activity with an inccrease in the numer of export countries targeted at the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Ukraine by the end of 2020.

Planned effects:

  • promotion of Garden Spot brand and products on foreign markets in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Ukraine
  • increase in revenues from export activities
  • singing of commercial contract
  • export of Garden Spot products to the new markets
  • recognition of Garden Spot brand and Garden Spot products on foreign markets
  • promotion of the Polish Economy Brand
  • internationalization of the entrepreneur.

Project value

489 980,00 zł

The UE co-financing

416 482,50 zł


Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, priority axis III "Support for innovation in enterprises"


Garden Spot Int. sp. z o.o.
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