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Garden Grid

Garden Grid are ecological lawn lattices which enable effective hardening and stabilization of substratum (ground). They constitute an alternative for concrete flag-stones or a sett. They create biologically active area what enables sowing and growth of grass. The compact construction ensures resistance to loads and deformations under great pressure ( even 3 tons/m2).  (more…)


Pixel Garden

Pixel Garden flower walls are setting new standards in designing the space with the use of living flora. They perform not only decorative and image, but also functional role. They are built as facades of properties, partitions of fair stands, acoustic screens, fences and in this way they introduce the new quality of space. The green walls attract eyes and attention, creating original visual message. (more…)


Garden Art

Our passion for things made by hand caused that we found the way, in which we are able to combine our Pixel Garden modules with a bit of artistic madness . Watching, touching, imagining a lot … we created a series of herbarium. This is the first series of products made for our brand, Garden Art.

We can say that these are our little vertical gardens which characterize by: (more…)